"The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."
-- Milan Kundera

Contrary to what the url of this website might lead you to believe this project does not call for photography to be forgotten - far from that. The name is an incitement to think: what is it that photography should help us remember and what is it that it could help us forget? Does the nightscape of a desert-like highway help us remember people flood it during the day or does it urge us to forget about that very human presence?

To remember, but to remember what? This bunch of photos is not, nor it aspires to be 'documenting' some past or present - at least not in any sort of an objective way. This is my story and not even that: it is what I chose (or happened to) remember, what I chose not to forget. To choose what to forget and what to remember and to collectivise memories and lack thereof alike determines not only whether and which power we are fighting against; it defines who we actually are.

On the technical side of things, most photos were taken with a canon 35mm kit (1N, 300V, 28-90, 17-40L, sigma 15-30); future photos will mostly come from a mamiya 6x6 (c3) and a canon 20d. I don't like photoshop - none of the images on this website was put through it for other than what could have been done in a darkroom.

Don't forget to tell me what you think: remember[at]forgetphotography.com

"And who are you"? - you might ask. Well - my name is Antonis, I woke up one day and I was 24; I spend some of my days in London,UK, other in Patras, Greece and many inbetween the two, or elsewhere: I'll arrive in Durban, South Africa on Oct 16 -expect many photos from there in the blog. But...

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